1/63 – Grand Teton National Park | 6.18.12

The very first national park we visited together was Teton, after we’d been dating a little over half a year. We unfortunately didn’t get a sign picture (what was I thinking??) but I wanted to include a few photos to commemorate the occasion. It was a pretty brief little jaunt after we had gone to my family’s cabin nearby.

Please forgive me, I hadn’t bought clippers to cut his hair with yet. It was a dark time, hehe.


Our Grand Teton National Park “Must Do”:

String Lake and the short (3.7 mile round trip) hike! We usually hike to the bridge and turn around. Once we saw a bear crossing the bridge less than 10 yards away from us (he just popped up on the bridge, and when we saw him we backed away as quickly as possible without startling him), and I’ve seen multiple other bears here! If you see a bear, please keep your distance and DO NOT FEED IT! Help us keep wildlife wild.

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