1/63 – Grand Teton National Park | 8.1.14

Back to the Tetons on our honeymoon, and finally a sign picture over two years later. To be quite honest, there aren’t many pictures of this because the trip was a teeny bit of a flop. We were borrowing an inflatable kayak from my boss (I was river guiding at the time) and the pump we had didn’t inflate it fully enough, so it wouldn’t go straight. At all. I have probably 30 minutes of GoPro video of us trying to paddle it straight and both of us getting frustrated and tired. It would go straight for about 20 feet and then just start drifting sideways. I felt bad, because we eventually tried the kayak with just me and it was much better. But it was definitely a bummer to go to all of that effort of dragging the kayak up there and squeezing the paddles into my mom’s Wrangler to see my dreamy little plans completely foiled. On top of all of that, Brady lost his wedding ring. Yep, two days into marriage. Off to a great start!
Oh. And, of course, it rained. #cursed

With StampIMG_5642GTNP Stamp

Those clouds were not a nice sight to see with the top off of the Jeep! Eek!
Tired Kayak 2
Already so fed up with fighting against this freaking boat.

Tired Kayak

Kayak Paddling
At least we made it look fun, right?

KayakPaddling 2Paddling

String Lake
I promise he isn’t as grumpy as he looks.

Scenic Drive 3Scenic Drive 2DCIM100GOPROScenic Drive

Okay, so it wasn’t the worst. It could’ve been better, but hey, we could’ve drowned, or been struck by lightning (which showed up later and prompted us to finally just throw in the towel), or eaten by a bear. Well, probably not the last one, but still. We learned a lot, and now we’re buying our own kayaks and a better pump. So maybe for our second anniversary we’ll give it another shot!

Our Grand Teton National Park “Must Do”:

String Lake, of COURSE. I think I personally have yet to make a trip to the Tetons without a visit to String Lake in some capacity. And that’s definitely true of our trips together!
In addition to String Lake though, I highly enjoy the Jenny Lake Scenic Drive. It’s short and beautiful with a very well-maintained road.

4 thoughts on “1/63 – Grand Teton National Park | 8.1.14

  1. Like you, we also had our engagement and honeymoon at units in the incredible and beloved National Parks. For the latter in Great Smoky Mountains in 2009, we both caught the flu! Brings true literal meaning to the “in sickness” part of the wedding vows! A re-visit there will happen someday…..but since then we have had fantastic experiences at other parks to make up for it. 🙂


    1. Oh no! That’s terrible that you were sick in GSM! It rains on us almost every single national park trip we go on, I joke that we’re cursed. I love meeting other couples whose love stories are tied to the national parks! Thanks for checking out our adventures. 🙂


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