4/63 – Capitol Reef National Park | 4.18.14

Ahhhh, Capitol Reef. My most beloved of beloveds. This trip was actually the first time I had been since I was pretty young, and as we drove into the park (which is honestly the best part in my opinion, there are not many views in the world as beautiful as driving east into the Reef with the sun hitting those red rocks) I kept saying to Brady, “Oh my gosh, it’s SO GORGEOUS here! What the heck, why have we not been coming here for years already?? These rocks are so red and beautiful! This is unreal!”

Capitol Reef Sign Better

Don’t get me wrong, there is something about Zion that will simply never leave me (and the Tetons are the same way), but man, CAPITOL REEF! So gorgeous. So quiet. It’s everything I want from a national park, which I realize is probably pretty selfish, but I can’t help it. It also just so happens to have one of my favorite slot canyons I’ve ever done, Cassidy Arch canyon, which is what we had come on this trip to do.


These are secret, and no I am not telling you where they are. There’s already so much graffiti on them, which makes me really sad.


It was Brady’s first canyoneering trip, and I think the poor guy might have questioned whether or not he actually wanted to marry me during that first rappel (it’s 135 feet, but the scariest part is the beginning)! It was a little scary for me to see how nervous he was, because he never gets nervous! But he did it, and even said later that he enjoyed it. I was so proud of him for facing his fears, and it was a pretty obvious affirmation of his commitment to me and our relationship that he was willing to face his fears to do something with me that I really enjoy. Since then, I think of that trip whenever I’m feeling insecure or unsure and I remember what a great choice I made.


My friend Ivy’s camera was broken, so there are weird lines and stuff, but it’s too cool of a shot not to share!


Also from Ivy’s camera – the worst part was over at this point, but still a long way down!
Edge of the Earth
I love this photo. It looks like we’ve rappelled to the edge of the earth.
Yeah. I’m nuts.



We’re weird.
You could say that Beth and I are “tight.” 😉


There’s just something about the desert, you guys.

Our Capitol Reef National Park “Must Do”:

We love the Cohab Canyon hike. Once you’re up on the bluff you can scramble up higher and get some absolutely unparalleled views of the park. Cohab Canyon is approximately 3.25 miles round trip (out and back), with a pretty steep climb at the beginning. Take water and sunscreen if visiting in the summer! And, if you can manage the more rugged scenic drives… do them!

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