6/63 – Biscayne National Park | 1.31.15

We didn’t get to spend a ton of time at Biscayne, which is okay. (Our primary purpose in the trip was admittedly Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which was rad beyond all reason.) Most of the good stuff is underwater, and we aren’t scuba certified yet! So we definitely plan to go back when we have that taken care of. It was still a really relaxing and quiet place, and it made me really happy to see a ton of families relaxing and barbecuing at the park. We admittedly took pretty much zero pictures, but we walked out on the boardwalk to Convoy Point and saw a ton of birds! It’s definitely a park that deserves more time than we gave it.

Biscayne with StampPassport StampBiscayne Stamp

Biscayne-National-Park-176151Biscayne Convoy Point

Miami- yuck. I can’t stand cities and Miami just made my skin crawl.

Our Biscayne National Park “Must Do”:

Oh, I feel horrible about this, but I don’t have one. I mean, full disclaimer, we were in the park less than 3 hours total. So my “must do” is GO BACK and scuba dive. Hahaha.

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