1/60 – Grand Teton National Park | 7.27.15

Oooooh baby, are we in for a wild ride here! This trip to the Tetons marked the beginning of #ERT_2015- a 4500 mile, two week long “Epic Road Trip” to 13 National Parks in the US and Canada over a year in the making. You can read all of the nitty-gritty details on our regular blog starting here, and I’ll try not to include too many duplicate photos or stories, but man, I have to say… there is nothing quite like experiencing something you’ve been planning for MONTHS coming to life. It was incredible (though, of course, not without hardship, but I won’t go into that too much here). It was definitely intended to be a wild, crazy, whirlwind experience of many different places to see where we’d most likely to return to and spend meaningful time. And let me tell you what, of all of the places we saw, I most want to go back to ALL OF THEM. Wowza, people. What a freaking incredible continent we live on! Daggum! But I digress. Anyway, without further ado, here’s our brief little snapshot of the Tetons.


Right as we were pulling into the park (which is my favorite part with newbies, you come around that bend after coming out of Jackson and WHABAM! GIANT MOUNTAINS!) the clouds rolled in. I’m serious people, we’re flippin’ cursed. But at least we got to see the mountains briefly, and I will say the moody clouds were pretty flippin’ gorgeous, though they did kind of defeat the purpose of the Jenny Lake Scenic Drive… oops. Also, terrible wife moment, I didn’t pack a single jacket for Brady. NOT ONE. Am I the worst, or am I the worst? I’m the worst. Right as the rain clouds started rolling in and Brady said, “honey, what jacket did you pack for me?” my stomach absolutely plummeted. Even just writing about it right now my heart is sinking. I felt so bad, I made so many extensive packing lists and I even wrote jackets on them… but I just forgot it. I always forget one thing, only one, and this time it was a jacket for Brady. I’m awful! Thankfully we at least had a blanket, so he wore that around like a cape until we bought him a hoodie in Yellowstone. Oops. I’m the worst.


Blanket cape in action. #worstwifeever


After Visitor Center Exploration (we didn’t get a stamp because we had originally decided we were only going to get stamps in our small passport on our first visit to a place… which we’re sticking to, but in Yellowstone we bought the super rad Explorer Edition in which we’re getting ALL THE STAMPS, haha) and lunch at String Lake, we did the Jenny Lake Scenic Loop and headed to Yellowstone. Not much to do in the rain, and I hadn’t allotted a ton of time for the Tetons- with it being the closest park on the trip I figured it was the most accessible for people to return to. Regardless, it was onward to that land of geysers, hot pots, and wonderfully stinky pools!

Our Grand Teton National Park “Must Do”:

String. Lake. ALWAYS!

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