9/60 – North Cascades National Park | 8.3-4.15

To be quite honest, I didn’t have a lot of expectations about North Cascades. I know a lot of what the park has to offer is found by mountaineering (which we had neither the time nor the gear for, plus a pretty wide range of skills), but I was determined to experience as many parks as possible. Some might say that’s trying to cram an ocean into a sippy cup, but I wanted to see all of what the Pacific Northwest had to offer.

And hot DANG. Even just the tiniest fraction of the park that we saw was gorgeous, but the highlight was the campground we stayed in, Newhalem. Oh my goodness glorious gracious, that campground was almost certainly my favorite of the entire trip. There was just something so dreamy and woods-y about it, I felt like I had been transported to another world. I was completely heartbroken to learn that a decent portion of it was damaged in a fire that swept through after we left, to the point that Loop C (where we camped) is closed for the entirety of the 2016 season.

NoCa with Stamp
I’ve seen a lot of park signs, and I have to say, this one is hands down my favorite. So incredibly cool.

NoCa Stamp

He’s such a goof, but man I love him.


So dreamy.

In the morning we headed to Diablo Lake to do one of the biggest hikes of the trip. It was beyond beautiful, and so diverse! I took way more photos than I should have.


This isn’t photoshopped, the lake is REALLY that blue. It’s unreal!
Sorry for all of my panoramas. I’m an addict.


Probably one of the last dams you can drive across in the United States.

Our trip to North Cascades was definitely far too short, even though I’m glad we went! I can’t wait to go back and spend more meaningful time there. This trip was definitely a whirlwind and I wouldn’t change that for the world as it was a fabulous adventure, but I do wish it could have been longer!

Our North Cascades National Park “Must Do”:

The Diablo Lake hike, hands down! The color of that water is beyond amazing, and the hike is incredible without being too strenuous. The hike is approximately 7.5 miles round trip (out and back), in the earlier summer months you may want bug spray! (We were fine without it in early August.)

You can also check out our review of Newhalem Campground here.


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