14/63 – Bryce Canyon National Park | 9.17.16

Okay, I’ll admit it. This park was the height of my shame for this trip. I had grand plans to spend more than half a day here (around 6 hours) doing multiple hikes and soaking in as much of the grandeur that this park has to offer as possible… and then we got on the road incredibly late. I won’t even say how late because the photos will probably tell you. Working full time and trying to get your house clean and ready for people to stay with your pets is honestly really difficult, but we finally got it done, got our last minute grocery shopping taken care of, and got on the road.


What I will say about Bryce though, is that you really can experience a lot of her beauty from the canyon rim. Brady had never been, and he really wants to go back and explore! Thankfully this gorgeous park is less than 4 hours from our house, so I’m sure we’ll be back soon.


Our Bryce Canyon National Park “Must Do”:

Well, when we go back, the Navajo Loop trail is straightforward, simple, and you get really up close and personal with the hoodoos! We wanted to do it (I’ve done it before) but once the sun went down it got cold fast, and we didn’t want to be getting into camp in Zion any later than we already were. Next time!

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