2/63 – Zion National Park | 9.17-18.16

Three and a half years later and we FINALLY made it back to Zion together! My soul can feel less sad now. We arrived pretty late on Saturday night, and first order of business on the list was a night shoot at the Canyon Overlook Trail (which we almost bagged because it was so late, but I’m SO GLAD WE DIDN’T). This was my first real attempt at astrophotography, and I’m pretty happy with how well everything turned out, especially since most of these images have little to no post processing.


This one is straight off the memory card. I’m pretty proud of it… and my great model husband for being able to stand still for so long!

After I’d taken my photos we headed down to camp. Setting up the new tent for only the second time in the dark was definitely an adventure, especially when the tent pad was ROCK HARD. (Look NPS, I get that gravel is cheap, but really? In a tent only loop where people are going to be setting up tents do you really have to make it next to impossible to get stakes in??) But we got it set up and hurriedly went to sleep since it was past midnight, oops.

The next morning we woke up, packed up the tent, and headed to the visitor center to get our stamps and do the Watchman Trail. It was nigh unto impossible to find a place to park, even at 9am! We eventually found a spot, but ultimately didn’t do the whole hike to save time. Plus, I won’t lie, it was really hot and I had somehow gotten into my head that this hike was more of a leisurely stroll, and it wasn’t- at least for our first day back on the trails. Yes, I know, I should be ashamed of myself, but the fact of the matter is that when it comes to hikes, I’m more of a “joy in the journey” type of person than a completionist. Sue me.

Our campsite had awesome views, even if not being able to put stakes in made our tent super saggy looking. Thankfully it didn’t rain!


The sky was outrageously blue!
While heading back to the car after our hike, we spied these two, so obviously I whipped out my zoom lens and went “hunting.” 😉


After our hike, we hopped into the car to head back up the road on our way to Grand Canyon!


Waiting at the tunnel, a common occurrence in the summer when there are many buses and RVs that wouldn’t fit through very well with two-way traffic.


And, of course, our essential sign photo (I just like how this sign is shorter, it works better for landscape orientation) featuring our trusty steed Erik the Red in the background!


Our Zion National Park “Must Do”:

As always, the Canyon Overlook Trail. It still blows my mind how many people pass it by.

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