28/60 – Yosemite National Park | 7.9-12.18


Yosemite. The king. What I consider to be the true birthplace of it all, the place that inspired such wonder first in John Muir and then in Theodore Roosevelt, that our country decided to take a huge leap and protect these lands for everyone, for ever. It’s probably ironic to visit Yosemite in the height of busy season (I heard many “you’re going to Yosemite the week after the 4th of July? Are you nuts??” questions leading up to this trip) when Muir spent so much time there in near-complete solitude, but I think that’s the thing about Yosemite- it’s so incredible that it almost doesn’t matter how crowded it is (though I am admittedly very averse to heavy crowds).

Full disclosure, we got off to a bit of a rocky start with Yosemite (heh, pun intended). For a variety of reasons, some within our control and some not, our Yeti was dying (and therefore, we were about to lose our fridge- the one downside of going “iceless”) and when we pulled up to our campsite, we saw with a bit of dismay that the entire thing was very shady. In most conditions this would have been a huge boon, especially with how blazing hot it was the entire trip, but when you’re reliant on solar power to keep things going, shade is not your favorite thing. I know, I know, this is the part where I hear “well, that’s what you get for trying to be all fancy and new-school!” and while that’s valid, I still maintain that the Dometic is far superior to buying ice all the time and dealing with soggy food. We definitely could have done a few things differently to avoid our little food fiasco, but I digress. The point is, getting into camp and realizing we were hours away from a dead Yeti (and therefore, a dead Dometic) was kind of a downer.

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